Why Book 2 before Book 1

Christian Michael

Author, Legend of the Pan series

Born in Georgia and raised mostly across the American South, author Christian Michael has moved more than fifty times across eleven states and two countries. An enlisted Air Force veteran, professional voice actor, visual designer, web developer, data analyst and all-around info nut, he dislikes being bored.

A staunch individualist, Christian believes power resides within arm’s reach and that people can live their fullest lives when they draw their eyes from the ambitions of world change to the quiet victory of inner peace.

Christian grew up an “Accelerated Reader” (yeah, buddy) reading the likes of Orson Scott Card and Isaac Asimov, the Hardy Boys and the expanded Star Wars X-Wing series. As an adult, he has delved in Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Brandon Sanderson, Ayn Rand, Brent Weeks, Mercedes Lackey and more.

His favorite coffee shops are, in order …

  1. Site | Map | Jives Coffee Lounge, Old Colorado City, CO
  2. Site | Map | Rev Coffee, Smyrna, GA (Shout out to the Bimmerles!)
  3. CLOSED   | Cafe 976, Pacific Beach, CA
  4. Site | Map | Starbucks DTC, Greenwood Village, CO
  5. Site | Map | Emily’s Coffee Shoppe, Cibolo, TX
  6. Site | Map | Coffee Underground, Greenville, SC
Christian Michael, Author

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs are people who come alive.”

   – Howard Thurman

“Don’t rush, but start now.”

   – Anon

Why Peter Pan for adults?

I had an epiphany one day while watching the movie “Hook.” When Rufio grows jealous of Peter Banning’s growing fanfare among the Lost Boys, Rufio cries out: “I’ve got Pan’s sword! I’m the pan, now!”

It struck me: What if Peter wasn’t merely “Peter Pan,” but “Peter the Pan?”

What kind of a position would a pan hold? What would be his connection to Neverland? How would a golden pixie, English preteen and her brothers, boys lost from Earth and a wandering Native American tribe play into that legend? What else might we find in Peter’s grander expanded universe?

Twelve years later, I can begin to share this incredible story with you! I hope you fall in love with my version of J.B. Barrie’s classic characters as much as I have.

“Aye, away to Eden!”

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