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Legend of the Pan - Advent GRAY


Legend of the Pan

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Series Prequel


Eight thousand years before Peter Pan or Tinker Belle stepped foot on Neverland, a street orphan must use the Pan’s powerful mantle to face himself or lose the whole of reality.

A street rat living on dangerous streets, Haephan spends his days stealing from wealthy citizens of Gardia when the intervention of ancient powers forces him into the path of a powerful wizard and seclusionist priestess on mission from the General of Heaven to break the world.

Imbued with a living piece of the Creator, Haephan discovers the ability to shift, to move vast distances in the blink of an eye, but even such power won’t help him escape the darkness that has destroyed his life and threatens his ability to complete his mission — to plant new worlds for the coming exodus of the peoples of Pangea to the Alterworlds.

Haephan fights to help the Great Self’s chosen people to their promised land while his own crumbles around him. Only he can set the world on the path for the coming days, for future Pans, and prepare the way for The Immortal.

ADVENT tells the story of how the panhood came into being eight millennia before the most infamous pan, Peter, is even born. Learn about the inception of the panhood, the breaking of the world burning at war, the creation of the Alterworlds and the true, untold story of how humanity came to Earth from Pangea. ADVENT is set for release in 2023.

The LEGEND OF THE PAN explores a bold new vision of the story of Peter Pan, the world he comes from and how entwined it remains with our own.


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