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Legend of the Pan

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In this new seven-book series retelling of J.M. Barrie’s classic childhood tale, discover how Peter became Pan in a brutal adventure of personal and political war that threatens the fabric of reality.

Alone on a man-eating island sailors call “Neverland,” Peter must build an army of bestial children to fight off the Unionist agents seeking his mantle that makes him Pan. 

Peter must accept his role if he hopes to fight off not only the enemy who took his parents and his only way home, but also save existence. If waves of enemy mages or Neverland’s monstrous beasts don’t kill the young pan, the psychotic lost boy with a grudge will.



Enthralling drama, worth the read


Incredible book! The author drops you into the middle of a battle and it doesn't slow down from there. It is filled with power struggles, politics, and family drama. This book clearly sets up for the rest of the series (which I can't wait for), while being everything I needed for the first book. Some of my favorite things are how the author brings you to a world you get lost in and are invested in. Each character is carefully developed and grows and changes. Once you care about a character personally, reality hits that character and you are shocked, heart broken and sometimes empowered. I am grateful for the bad ass women in the series and I think my favorite will be Tiger Lily. I can't wait for more books!

Wow, What a heart pounding adventure.

Eric Parsons

This is NOT your childhood Peter Pan novel, this is a dark, violent, bloody, no holds barred adult adventure. Not to spoil it, but you are being dropped right into a merciless battle for control of....everything. ... Holy crap I was not expecting this story. I was not prepared for Tinker Bell angered, you will be blown away. Neverland, it's called that because if you don't belong there, Never, Ever, land there.... Keep sailing. ... Wendy! my god I was not ready for that introduction. The descriptions are really good, short, to the point, but communicating the feel, smell, and tastes of the characters surroundings. No long winded blowhard descriptions to fill pages, just enough to get the feel for the place. ... It never lets up, what an amazing adventure. Towards the middle of the book, I realized I was hooked, (see what I did there) I could not put it down.

Don't hesitate, download it now!


This is such an incredible reimagining the classic character I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. The world and characters created are amazing but what really hits a home run how well its narrated by the author himself. He does such a great job with every character, no two sound the same, he speaks clearly and even his characters with heavy accents are easy to understand. I literally listened to this book a twice in a row and am looking forward to a 3rd time soon.

The LEGEND OF THE PAN explores a bold new vision of the story of Peter Pan, the world he comes from and how entwined it remains with our own.



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