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Thousands of years ago, Adam and Eve of ancient lore led a tiny group of powerless humans from an ancient world known as Pangea here to Earth in a risky bid to survive genocide. They brought with them the tales common to most cultures — elves, dwarves, humans, mages, dragons, wizards, pixies, vampires and even bogeymen. Their exodus and those of hundreds of magical subcultures to newly discovered Alterworlds became known as The Breaking, an event which also spawned its most powerful and famous mage — The Pan of the Great Self.

Since then, Pans have protected the powers of creation to preserve not only the connection between Pangea and the Alterworlds, but also the fabric of reality, itself. Eight thousand years later, revolutions flare as an old political faction violates the ancient powers to wage overpowered conquest. In a lost war, the Pan flees to the ancient source of his power — Algueda known as “NeverLand” — to protect his wife, April, and young son, Peter. In an act of desperation, he gives his son the mantle, making Peter the youngest known Pan in history, an act that will change the course of Pangea, Earth and reality, itself.

The Legend of the Pan Septology explores three of the most notable Pans in history: Haephan the first, Peter the infamous and Wind the Immortal. Journey through the Pan’s inception as an orphan living on the streets, chosen by the Great Self to see the creation of the eight Alterworlds and help guide the first humans to Earth, led by Adamar and Eva, from an ancient, serpent-ruled Eden. Explore Peter’s legend through his rise as the first child pan in millennia as he and his pixie attaché, Tinker Belle, fight off a dangerous insurrection, the rise of an ancient, monstrous evil and the return of Peter’s greatest nemesis, a broken boy who becomes a psychotic pirate. Finish with Wind the Immortal, the final and most powerful of pans as she faces a powerful personal story of growth, pain, loss and victory.


  • Panverse Encyclopedia
  • The Minder Conflicts (Trilogy) – For the first time in millions of years, three magical psychics fully ascend as psylocks and begin a secret war to take over Pangea’s elite.
  • The Maids of Rorlea – Origin story of Neverland mermaids
  • The Pale Goddess – The wanderings of Isheim, wife of Krys Kringul
  • The Ohna Thief – The high elf who sold his soul to steal powers of creation
  • The Searching Year – A band of naive dwarves become warriors after a failed mission to kidnap the Pan
  • Adapted Tales of Pangea – Various stories from across this exciting new universe


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