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Photo by Mike from Pexels
Photo by Mike from Pexels

Pangean tongue won’t sound so exotic

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In many famous works of fantasy fiction, readers explore worlds full of exotic cultures, social norms and even fabricated languages. While that works for fantasy greats like J. R. R. Tolkein, I don’t offer such exotic strata for two key reasons.

First, the Pan’s mantle translates the language of all sentient beings. The Pan understands any sentient being capable of some form of language. Whoever wears the mantle hears these exotic languages as readily as if it were his or her own. Since the Pan is the main delivery vehicle for the reader, common language dominates my writing style.

Second and more importantly, my fiction operates like most of our minds. The language regions of our brains automatically translate colloquialisms, social norms, dialects and common concepts. Terms like “thee” and “thou” might sound exotic to modern ears, but in olden times were as common as “you” and “your” today.

Journeys that interest me don’t delve deeply into daily strata that might differ between peoples but events and truths what would stand out in any culture — war, adventure, victory, interpersonal conflict, overcoming great odds or even oneself.

My cultural color is generally low by most fantasy standards and I don’t want to scare readers away by a “would mine lord care to dine with our persons upon this fair night” kind of structure. While it serves many readers, my fiction features it no more than necessary.

If you’re even reading this, there’s high likelihood you’ve already read one of my books and are just fine with how I laid it all out, but if you were wondering why, I just thought I’d like you know.

Thanks for reading! Aye, Away to Eden!


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