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The seven-part journey of the Pan

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First revealed in fairytale by J.M. Barrie in his early 1900’s story of the boy who would not grow up, the Legend of the Pan fantasy saga explores the true, violent story behind the Pan and the world from which he comes. Built in seven volumes, the septology explores the inception of the panhood, the story of the most infamous pan and his lost boys, and the final pan who is more important than even Peter could ever have imagined.

In ADVENT, discover how the panhood first came into being by the Generals of Heaven and a street orphan, and the fight over what magic between those with and without it. Here, the stage is set for thousands of years of history of the Pan and Pangea and how the mantle changes the lives of countless living beings, including those on Earth.

In PETER, WENDY, TINKER BELLE, TIGER LILY and HOOK, follow the most infamous of Pans, Peter Baley, as he struggles against personal and international agents intent on gaining the mantle that makes him Pan and the political powers it brings. With an original cast of characters and many side stories mentioned by but never explored by J.M. Barrie, the main five books are an adventure only teased by the original Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy.

In IMMORTAL, follow Wind, the final and most powerful Pan as she travels through time to learn the true purpose of her kind, the meaning of life and what it means to accept what life gives and takes away. In her journey is fulfilled that of all Pans and ties together the entire series, from Haephan in Advent, through the main five with Peter to her own journey as a child of Neverland.

These seven books are an epic fantasy saga to explore the pans, followed by anthology stories that expand upon side stories that follow characters like Krys Kringul the Dreamwalker Elf and his wife Isheim, the Maids of Rorlea who become the mermaids of Neverland and the Minder Conflict Trilogy which almost destroyed Pangea in a war for empires of the land and the mind.

PETER came out in May of 2021 since this is the first volume where Peter Pan is the main character. The prequel, ADVENT will release near the end of 2021 or early 2022. Thereafter, LOTP novels will release every May, including the anthologies.

I can’t wait for you all to see the legendary stories that have kept me awake at night for years! Thanks for joining me on this fantastic journey!


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