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In the first beginning, the Creator formed Pangea, a flat world hovering between infinite space and the gray nether of nothingness. There, he divined life in infinite magical and immagical variety. Among the countless creatures wandering the world, he seeded the elves, dwarves and humans, who over many millions of years multiplied and evolved into tales of Earthen myth — lycans, vampires, gnomes, pixies, bogeymen, wizards and witches, yeti and many more.

In an era neither near the beginning nor the end of time, the Creator, now known as the Great Self, expanded the known universe using the powers of creation — the powers over land, water and air, and the powers over the creatures of land, water and air, and more. These powers anchored eight new worlds — each unique to the people who would migrate from the First World, Pangea, and create a network of lands where races could better find homes suited to their needs.

To protect those powers, the Great Self appointed a Pan, who would serve as guardian over the powers of creation, known as ohnas, and ward their use by those who would abuse them. The conflict over the use of these powers and the pans who often fought and sometimes failed is the backbone of the Legend of the Pan series and its anthologies.

This mythology serves as a backdrop for a far more personal journey with Peter, Wendy, Tinker Belle, Tiger Lily, Hook and a panoply of other characters as they face conflicts over the Pan’s mantle and what it means to both Pangea and the continuity of Earth.

If you haven’t already, I recommend picking up PETER or ADVENT to start your journey to the Pans and Pangea, the First World. You can start with PETER if you prefer, which is the first book that Peter is the main character, but ensure you read ADVENT prior to reading TIGER LILY. Though a prequel, ADVENT is highly intertwined with the rest of the series.

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of the Panverse.

“Aye, Away to Eden!”


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