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The Premise

What is Pangea and who is the Pan? Learn more about the Pan and his purpose.

A Quick Primer

A short history of existence leading to the events around which the Panverse is based.

Order of Story

How you should read the Legend of the Pan fantasy series.


What is Pangea?

… the Great Self created existence. Molding from spacetime, itself, He designed the fabric of our reality and created “the real,” the physical realm upon which life as we know it was soon planted and grew.

Upon the great continent known as Pangea — a flat world hovering between the nether and sky — there lived three races – elves, dwarves and men. From these three races evolved a host of others by interbreeding the flesh and magics of the world. They populated, changed and separated into diverse cultures of the living and the dead, the spiritual and physical, the literal and the ethereal.

Elves thrived as masters of nature, learning and serving the laws of reality to serve their immortal lives and the cultures grown from it.

Dwarves delved deep into stone and rock of the mountains and underpassages, shaping its natural power to their purposes.

As mental as it was physical, men lived in between by serving nature and manipulating its powers to grow lives and empires in the ebb and flow of time’s endless march.

In the High Lorspring Era, Low Graelan Period, Wylemthea Age, the world had come to war. Kingdoms and tribes grew desperate for available land and control of natural resources.The magic’d ruled the unmagic’d with brutality.

After endless beseeching to the Great Self, He answered by sending the Generals of Heaven down to Pangea to initiate the first physical expansion in Pangean history. For all the power set in place by these omnipotent beings, the Great Self hinged the entire system on the indomitable spirit of a single child …

Thus began the pan.

What is the Pan?

The Pan is a herald of the Great Self, a being imbued with an abrucari — magic mantle of light — so powerful it is known as the bencari, or holy mantle. This mantle gives the Pan great speed and strength, as well as long life. The pan’s responsibility is first to the powers of creation known as ohnas. By protecting these powers, the pan preserves the connections to eight Alterworlds forged during the breaking (ADVENT).

Over the millennia, the Pan became a political figure who eventually came to preside over Eden of ancient lore where the Tree of Life once rose as the heart of all life.


Between ADVENT and PETER

The Pan 

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