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This year has been an absolute slog in terms of preparing the Pan origin story for print. While interconnected with the rest of the series, Advent is a standalone tale describing the first Pan and the creation of the Alterworlds and their bridges. Setting the foundation for the rest of the series took lots of continuity development and fact checking that I still question, given my six-month plan that has now grown to two years.

The good news is the Advent draft is now in the hands of my editor, Ellen Sallas. Which reminds me, she sent me an email I need to respond to. She will make her key edits, which I will review and implement, conduct any final overall changes, myself and commit the final editing phase, which I refer to as “recording the audiobook.”

When I recorded the audiobook for Peter in 2021, I discovered more in need of editing. There is no better way for me to find the finest of details than reading the material out loud. Thus, I now consider the recording period as my final editing phase. Whereas last time I copyrighted the book prior to recording, I will now wait to copyright until after I finish recording. It makes little difference in the grand scheme of publishing, honestly.

If Advent has taught me anything, it’s about being more careful with expectations in regards to time. Advent felt like its own trilogy stuffed into a single book, but I was unwilling to expand the series further than I already had. It forced me to try and pack as much in as I could as smoothly as I was able. My prereaders so far have discussed the density of the work and yet all agree nothing seems dismissable. I’ll let you, the reader, be the judge of that.

I hope to put Advent out sometime late this spring. Thanks to everyone for your patience!


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