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ADVENT taking longer than expected

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For a variety of reasons, ADVENT is far behind where I originally expected. I had originally slatedADVENT to release November 22, 2021, but as of today I’m barely halfway through the book with the first pass and I’ll have more passes to make.

The first thing that slowed progress was going back to work on the series prequel which, while vital to the overall septology, is largely a different and insular story. It doesn’t flow with the remaining books in the same way they flow with each other. Switching toADVENT after PETER was paramount to downshifting to 1st gear on the interstate. This slowdown feels like a gut punch, but it is what it is.

Second, life has been a bit complicated. I’m currently hunting for full-time work with a potential new home. I’m in a relationship, but she completely supports my fiction and cries even thinking about some of the rougher events in Peter. (You’re not supposed to be happy that you made your girlfriend cry, but I’m a writer, so … there’s that.)

Third, due to a lack of income, motivation to write as quickly as I had previously waned. Don’t worry, writing is a lifelong passion and I will continue to press into the Panverse at a steady clip, but it just hasn’t proved as smooth as I previously expected. Ontop of that, I’ve struggled because writing has most often been a form of escape and stress relief. When you wake up in the morning to write fiction, what are you relieving?

It’s been humbling to admit that I’m not ready for writing to be my penultimate daily vocation, but writing remains an essential part of me and I can’t wait to get the rest of the series into your hands.

Thanks so much for following and supporting my fiction.ADVENT is coming, if not as soon as I’d like, but it helps frame things that will come later in the story and set the stage for the redemption of Peter and the Immortal.

“Aye, Away to Eden!”


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