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I’ve secured Ellen Sallas, The Author’s Mentor, to edit “Legend of the Pan: Peter” and, with her timeline in place, will soon announce a solid release date for Peter. This 12.5 year journey has been long in coming and I look forward to the day I can finally release Peter to the hundreds of people I’ve told about the story since I began writing it.

Ms. Sallas is professional and engaging and will make the editing experience personal in regular engagement. I know many have suffered terrible experiences with editing and book prep companies who, while delivering on their promised product, don’t interact much with the author once the contract is signed.

Now that she and I have a firm closing date for her work and I have built in time to copyright the manuscript, prep the book for the three mediums of release — Kindle, paperback and hardback — I feel confident for a May release. Further details will come out as I can release. In the meantime, please join the Panverse Book Club and don’t miss a single announcement!

Thanks, everyone, for all your support!


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