Why Book 2 before Book 1

Anchor book of upcoming Legend of the Pan series, PETER, coming May 22

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Nearly 13 years after this story began, Peter will finally release May 22, 2021. If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know how it all began, but the journey is so much more than the first few steps.

Through online school, working, various seasons of full-time blogging, constant travel and just doing life, these characters have been visceral to me. They kept me company when alone, inspired me when I was struggling, and have taken me to flight on wings of imagination when I needed escape.

Writing this saga has been an anchor to my sometimes chaotic life, and the fruit from this very long season will soon be available to readers via Amazon and Ingram. I hope you get to enjoy and experience exploring Pangea and fall in love with Peter, Wendy, Tinker Belle, Tiger Lily, Tootles and the others as much as I have.

They are my family, and I hope they become yours, as well.

I aim to make pre-orders available April 22, a month out from the full release date. If you’re excited for this release, please share this site and my social medias to your friends so they can enjoy it, too!

As always, thanks for your support.



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